Puns, often eye-rolling, cringe worthy jokes, are ways to poke fun and explore the different meanings a particular word or expression can have. Given that I spend most of my day using technology and programming, more relevant and relatable puns are more enjoyable to come across. I wanted to make a site that curated all the best puns about programming, hacking, and computer science I could find, as well as introducing some of my own.

What it does

The site is very simple: it displays a randomly selected pun from a list. This selection occurs on the server side, where Express EJS, a templating engine for Node.JS stitches the page together. In future, perhaps the site could allow users to add their own puns, to make the site even more entertaining.

Sadly, because of's really slow DNS propagation times, the address records for the domain never fully updated. Please view the site using the IP address, knowing that in 24-48 hours, the domain would be live and active.

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