Shotgunning too many redbulls while you hack? Not leaving your desk and getting awful cramps? We know that feel -- we are the same way! But it's not healthy, and we can't sacrifice our health for our hacks. Taking smart breaks actually increases productivity and we really should hop on that train. We wanted to make it easy for you super-focused power hackers (and us) to be able to practice smart health during hackathons too, so we made Code Bud.

What it Does

Our hardware hack is a small desktop buddy who will inspire you to take breaks, eat, and stay hydrated through your hackathon projects. It catches a your attention when it is time to walk, or drink, or eat, and punishes those who try to avoid these tasks D:<. During time between breaks, a hacker can use the Code Bud as a quick way to relieve stress through quick interactions designed not to break a hacker's focus.

We also developed a demo for the online component. Stay tuned.

our cute buddy

What's Next

Oh so much -- just you wait.

(1) At a hackathon? Your Code Bud can travel from its home base to live in a virtual hacking space (see our demo websitelink with all the other Code Buds at the hackathon, which will be a great way to create new friends and potentially trade region specific accessories and stickers.

(2) New mini-games will make the Code Bud your go-to for momentary distractions that help you clear your mind without pulling you from your work and making you lose focus. Say goodbye to Wikipedia black holes, Code Bud will be all you need.

(3) Every Code Bud should be an individual, just like you; customize your Hacker Buddy, its looks, personality, and style.

Inside the Brains of an Arduino

Our Arduino is working overtime! The steadfast Uno keeps an animation going on our OLED screen, breathing life to Code Bud using smart bitmap animations, while it displays relevant text on the RGB text LCD. It monitors three buttons for user input and a photoresistor for when people give it pats! It also feeds a buzzer so our little Buddy can have a voice of its own, not to mention its sweet arm, which waves to grab your attention and to give sweet finger high-fives!

The Team


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