As we were brainstorming, we kept returning to the schedule on the MasseyHacks website. To our surprise, the Hackenger 1 was happening, which we were eager to participate in. As we were continuing to solve the questions, we found that the event at hand wasn't acknowledging or was using a small amount of User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) concept. This event served as a stepping stone for the innovation that we were going to create at MasseyHacks.

What it does

The program starts out with an introduction screen, in which the user gets the options to play, look at the instructions or check out the leader board. If they click the play button, then a map appears with certain rooms highlighted. If these rooms are clicked, then a hint appears in which the user tries to find the answer to the hint. The hint requires the person to actually go to that room and find what the clue leads to. Then, they must look for the code that is by the object. Once they find it, they text a number. Using Twilio, we can verify if this is the right code for the room. If so, points are given and are updated to the live score board. Also, the participants get a two hour limit.

How I built it

We utilized our knowledge of Python and Java, which we had retained previously. In addition, our group was able work together and learn Twilio, with the appreciative help of the mentors. For the project as a whole, we built this innovation using the programming languages of Python and HTML, and we used the software's of Sublime Text, IDLE, and Twilio.

Challenges I ran into

Getting our idea out there and venturing off into creating a new type of game for entertainment and demonstrating the message of observing one's surroundings, such as day-to-day activities, which incorporate and enhance one's perspective of the concept of like-mindedness.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to enhance our knowledge and skills in what we did not know, this resulted in each of us understanding one another's skills and knowledge, and move forward with the innovation.

What I learned

We learned the skills and knowledge behind the powerful tool of Twilio. In addition, we learned how to think outside the box, thinking on the spot, how to function with little sleep, we learned how to think in a team setting, and we learned how to find a solution given circumstances.

What's next for Hackenger

Going forward, Hackenger 3.14 hopes to enhance on Augmented and Virtual Reality, which will not only advancing our technological society, but our innovation as a whole.

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