Our initial Idea was to create a car with that uses an android app to move a robot using Bluetooth. Our target market for the robot was the children who could use it as toys and researchers who might be constructing robots and would want to use their mobile devices to control their robots. Our robot could stand as model for their more advanced robot.
  We later on pivoted our idea, due to the braking down of our raspberry-pi  and  to making a robot that uses a remote control to move the robot. 
  We ended up building the robot using an Arduino and an IR- Receiver with a remote to achieve our goal. Like mentioned earlier we ran into a lot of challenges our raspberry pi broke down and we had to pivot our idea, Our IR-receiver got burnt and we had to get a new one, It was also hard deciding a project and working with the raspberry pi as the display for the raspberry pi was a little bit more limited that our regular desktop.
   With all the problems we faced we are still proud of the fact that we have a working robot and it works fine. We also learned that when work we should take tinier steps in order achieve a big goal for efficiency.
  Our future goals would be first to be able to achieve our initial goal, secondly to be able to add voice recognition and motion recognition.

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