Inspiration -

To make urban foraging easier in all weather with an affordable cart that helps people live in the city without cars.

What it does -

Encourages folks to leave behind the car and start walking the streets of their city.

How we built it -

Completely from Troy NY found materials.

Challenges we ran into -

Lack of time for a busy family! Can't buy a bike lock in Troy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

Mother and son working together. This is a hack that our Troy neighbor need and would use every day, because people making due are the best hackers.

What we learned-

We need to work on time management and showing up on time.

What's next for Hacked Compact All Weather Urban Cart-

We need to make it affordable. We also need to give it a more polished design as what we have now is mostly concept. We would need to make it so it could be produced on a large scale.

Built With

  • cooler-bags
  • duck-tape
  • folding-cart
  • lights
  • lock
  • plastic
  • poncho
  • reusable-bags
  • umbrella
  • zip-ties
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posted an update

What a fun, clean tech hacking day! Folks liked our Team Great Futures hack of the All Weather Urban Cart! Future is so bright, we gotta wear shades! We did not win but a judge told us we were a contender for most commercially viable and we had smart fun! Thanks for the TVCOG membership month!

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