You've probably heard about the whole 'Fake-News' epidemic that's been taking over the United States political climate. Turns out that around 15% of Twitter users are said to be automated bot accounts. In the 2016 US election researchers estimated pro-Trump bots generated 4 tweets to every 1 pro-Clinton Tweet! This may make you think - how do you know if popular tweets are actually popular? How can you trust what's going on your favourite social media platform??

Well have we got an app for you! Let me introduce BotSpotr - the viral tweet analyzer! Give our web app a tweet url for a tweet you want to be analyzed and we'll tell you a percentage of retweets that came from bot-like users. We take a sample set of the retweets on

Our app is made up of a React.js front end and a node and express.js powered back end! We use the Twitter search and tweet apis along with a special Twitter account validator api called Botometer, which gives us our stats on the tweet.

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