For all the technical preparation college gives us, interviews and speeches can still be nerve-wracking. Recognizing how many nervous habits came through a recent Skype interview, I thought a way of observing and analyzing those tics would help students consciously improve the tendencies that can undermine them.

What it does

Tic Tackler is an Android app that uses facial recognition and speech recognition to note down the frequency and length of significant pauses in speech, excessive blinking, poor eye contact, and other movements. Users can practice interview questions or speeches by facing their front camera and running the app, and each session saves statistics that can be reviewed later. By practicing questions and noting the unconscious changes in their own responses, participants can observe their own progress and find what topics are more difficult and need further improvement.

How we built it

This app was created for Android devices using Android Studio and Google's Android Vision face recognition software, as well as Android's speech recognition APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Effectively using the limited face and speech APIs in a valuable manner, and keeping an Android application consistent through its many lifecycle stages.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Trying new APIs to hack for good!

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