Seeing the inefficiencies in a large hospital, we found that there is suboptimal use of information technology in the healthcare realm. Wanting to help create a better technological hub for patients and doctors to interact, we created xChangeHealth. A main motivation behind this idea was the lack of a user's ability to simply summarize and aggregate electronic medical records (EMRs) from different EMR formats.

What it does

xChange Health is an electronic medical record data aggregation/exchange platform paired with a web based and smartphone-compatible patient portal. It enables patients to access and share health information from all their care providers via one consolidated electronic health record. The combination of the consolidated health record and patient portal allows patients to schedule appointments, keep track of their conditions and care tasks, manage medications, pay bills, and communicate securely with providers in a way they haven't been able to before. Usually, patients would need to use a different portal for each of their care providers, but we aim for them to be able to use xChange with all their providers. Although we were only able to develop a minimally viable product today, we hope to add more features in the future including the ability to accept data from medical peripheral devices & implantables, in addition to enabling providers to apply predictive analytics software to a patient's consolidated record to facilitate proactive interventions.

How we built it

We used the Django framework and the Python language to create a web application that serves as a patient portal with the additional features of EMR aggregation.

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding data
  • Finding a domain name/hosting service

What we learned

  • A lot about dividing tasks within a team
  • Advantages of github collaboration
  • Valid market for technology in the healthcare industry

What's next for xChangeHealth

Over the next few months, we'll hopefully continue to build out features to the point where we can offer the software for trial use. If at all possible, we'd like this to become a company.

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