Because of the crisis of affordable housing, many community members do not have a home have to lug around everything they have, making may simple daily activities as well as important matters like attending a job interview difficult. In addition, many local residents wish to help alleviate the problem, but are afraid or unwilling to open their homes up for those who are homeless to stay in. Public storage spaces also exist for the homeless to use; however, many do not feel secured about these bins because stealing incidents happen. BoxMe allows community members to help alleviate the burden of homelessness by providing a secured place for those without a home to store their belongings, empowering them to have more autonomy in finding jobs and navigating around.

In addition, another demographic that faces problems with expensive storage are undergraduate students who go home for the summer--not all can afford the steep prices of storage, especially those who come from low-income families. Students can thus also use this service in order to find storage for the summer at free or low-cost prices.

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