American Universities have always been a dream destination for students to pursue their degrees, whether it be their Undergraduate, Graduate or Postgraduate. In the past, most of the International Students were pursuing their studies in the Graduate or Postgraduate levels. But now, the number of students applying to American Universities for their Undergraduate studies is slowly increasing. All the members of the team are International Undergraduate Freshman. As individuals, all of us were unaware of what to expect from an American College. We had resources, but all of them were spread across the internet. Researching Universities, their Cost of Attendence, Scholarships and grants etc. was a tiring task. Different websites gave different results, and we all experianced many speedbumps while filling out our application. Therefore, we decided to create a website that future international undergraduate can use to refer, thus reducing their workload while exploring their possible colleges. A similar concept already exists for Graduate and Post Graduate students, therefore we decided to apply it to the Undergraduate level too.

What it does

The website is a platform specially designed for International Undergraduate applicants. While the other websites focus on providing maximum information for National Freshman, our website focuses on providing the information useful to International Applicants. We offer the data in a simple yet healthy format, which is easy to refer to by the students.

How I built it

The homepage has four hyperlinks which helps in getting to other pages. The four pages include College Search, Academic Requirement, International Tips and Contact Us. College Search has a searching area for colleges with advanced filters. This is done by using a back-end and middleware. The front-end sends the conditional commands to back-end via middleware and in return the back-end sends the filtered data back to front-end. After the results are displayed, upon clicking on one of the universities the front-end takes the user to the details of the university.

Challenges I ran into

Making of the connection between front-end and back-ed was a big challenge. HTML did not have code which would accept back-end from SQL.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our main goal was to make a website for international high school student who wanted to do their bachelors abroad and give as much information as possible on one website.

What I learned

We learnt new and complex coding which we would have to connect front-end and back-end languages.

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