HackDTech 2020 Team 8: text for local impact

Inequality Track

Our idea was to create an SMS bot that can be used by smaller grassroots organizations (such as nonprofits, relief funds, and mutual aid funds) to spread the word about their mission. Many smaller organizations do not have the ability to create websites that share their information and goals, and many of this size already collect donations on GoFundMe or Venmo. This SMS bot can be used as an assistant to very easily spread information about an organization, collect petition signatures, solicit donations, recruit volunteers, engage with social media and more.

Over the past couple of months, we have seen many different ways in which resources have been compiled and disseminated to further the cause of the Black Lives Matter Movement. A significant portion of these resources have been dedicated to education, donating to organizations, and signing petitions. Since several organizations and bail funds have indicated that they have received sufficient funds and no longer need donations, we realize that many small organizations may not have the platform and the resources to widely promote their work. As a result, we wanted to provide small organizations and activists with a way to easily spread information about their mission and any form of support they would need.


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