Hack DFW 2019

Floor 3 Table E1

Description for a 5-year old

You know how when you are around other people and you speak, only those around you can hear? And then when you say something everyone likes it makes you want to say it even louder so that everyone can hear what you said? Well that's kind of how our app works! When people say stuff that other people like, more people around them can see what they said!

Description as told to a peer

This is a social media app that lets the user create shouts(posts) only in their area, and if these shouts are upvoted by other people in its area, the posts' areas of visibility increases. Similarly, downvotes decrease this area, and so does time elapsed after making the post. This increases relevance to the user by showing them shouts only in or near their area, and hence can also serve as a great medium to share public events and gatherings.

Description as told to a senior engineer

Our React-Native based Application is designed to take advantage of the natural inclination of individuals to upvote social media posts that have relevance to create a more personalized social media platform. As the individual upvotes or downvotes the geo-location specific posts that show up on his feed, the "circle of influence" of the post expands or contracts, respectively. This "circle of influence" that each post has, grows the geo fence of the post allowing the post to be viewed by users further away from the original location of posting. Time is factored into the size of the geo fence of the post, shrinking it the longer the post is available. Once the circle of influence of a post shrinks to less than 0, the post gets deleted.

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