We saw an opportunity for a complete changeover in an employee reimbursement system by realizing the problems and the convoluted process that goes behind it. The current process involves hassles of filling out multiple forms, scanning receipts and mailing them to an expense approval personnel after which the payment is reimbursed. This process is quite time consuming and expensive not only in terms of an employee's perspective but also because of the elongated reimbursement process. Hence, we propose a system which makes the reimbursement process obsolete.

What SpendWise does

SpendWise takes the convenience of corporate credit cards and removes the trust factor by allowing the addition of constraints and automatically enforced corporate policies.

How we built it

The user interface is a web-app built upon the Bootstrap library and JavaScript. There is no backend as all data are stored directly on the Ethereum blockchain. The app communicates with the blockchain using MetaMask and web3.js. A smart contract written in Solidity ensures that the necessary conditions are met during the transaction. The smart contract also conforms to the ERC20 protocol to ensure compatibility with existing Ethereum wallets.

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