We saw the data set that OSI soft API collects and started to think about how many of us worry about the environment but tend to forget and over consume energy. We wanted to find a way to keep ourselves mindful of our consumption and remind ourselves to save wherever we can.

What it does

LiveEnergy maps the electricity usage over the UC Davis Campus for ever building and using the wifi routers aggregates the number of users in each building. Estimating about 2 devices per person, we then estimate how much energy each person in the building is consuming. If the energy per person goes over a certain threshold, it notifies the people in their building of their wastage.

How we built it

We used google cloud platform's firebase real-time database to store real time data retrieved from the OSI Soft API about the electricity consumption and total wifi users in each building on campus. We would ideally using twilio and a data visualisation API to finish the rest of the functionality of the project.

Challenges we ran into

Since OSI Soft holds such dense and powerful data sets, the API calls were quite challenging to navigate.

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