Project for Hack CWRU 6

Created by: Chris Hadiono, Dennis Lin, Isaac Ng, Rahul Pokharna

JustPinCase is an iOS app that utilizes the Google Maps API to help Case Western Students be able to better visualize events happening around campus by showing various pins on a map. It uses Firebase as its database and react-native (using expo) as its frontend.

Often times, students only become aware of events through Facebook or CampusGroups that are extremely clunky in nature. The app allows students to visualize events that they can attend in the future, the locations of the event, and the details surrounding the event. They can also create events and invite users and groups and assign the event a category. This allows for the user to filter the events based on what they are interested in (category).

Future Improvements:

  1. Integrate with Google Calendars, Campus Groups
  2. HeatMaps
  3. Interested/Not Going

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