The Quest for Dragon Treasure A point and click adventure game. I wanted to try to make my favorite kind of game a point, and click adventure. With a physical DRM. I chose a Sierra style verb game play, and a water colour backgrounds with 16 bit pixel sprites. For the DRM I saw a cute dragon 3D print, and figured I could do that using the diffident spacing for the password.

this is a new engine for me I got this at 10 last night when the engine I was using broke during a forced up date that corrupted everything I had done to that point. Remembering how to Write /c++ after not using it for five years is nothing like riding a bike. It's like being thrown from a horse. You know you've done something Wrong but for the life of you. You can't remember what, but you've got no choice but to get back up. Also This is my first time using a 3D Printer.

This has been fun!

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