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This project implements OfficeBot - a personal office assistant bot.

Through a simplified interface, Natural Language Support and easy-to-use one line commands it can take care of your emails, social accounts, calls, To-do tasks , News & Weather Info etc. OfficeBot employs APIs like Twilio, Google, OpenWeather API , Guardian API, Twitter API, Wikipedia API and few others to perform your mundane day-to-day office tasks. The OfficeBot uses basic NLP techniques and AIML(Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) to understand natural languages better.


How To Use :

Github Project :

Technology Stack :

  • Python
  • Flask Framework
  • various 3rd Party APIs
  • Javascript
  • AIML
  • Natural Language Processing

Use-cases :

  1. News : OfficeBot communicates with Guardian API to get users latest international news and displays titles along with webURLs.

  2. Call : User can request 'Call ' to call any number. OfficeBots uses Twilio API to perform VoIP calls.

  3. Text : User can enter 'Text @body ' to send SMS via Twilio API.

  4. Email : Users can send emails using their Gmail accounts. To send emails use one-line-command 'email @TO @SUBJECT @BODY '

  5. Inbox : Users can check their gmail Inbox using command "Inbox" (e.g. "Show me my Inbox.") through Gmail Developer APIs.

  6. To-Do Tasks : Users can add TO-DO tasks ('tasks @add ') and view their To-Do lists later.

  7. Tweets : Post Tweets straight from your OfficeBot Interface by using a simple command "Tweet "

  8. Weather : OfficeBot fetches latest weather updates from OpenWeather API. (e.g. command : "How is the weather outside?")

  9. Wikipedia : Users can find information on any topic by querying OfficeBot "wiki ". OfficeBot talks to wikipedia API to get a brief summary about the topic.

  10. Few other features such as 'Word-Meanings', 'Synonyms', 'Antonyms'.

OfficeBot is created as a real-time office assistant AI program which can handle day-to-day office tasks through an simplistic easy-to-use interface.


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posted an update

Hey All - unfortunately due a to technical glitches (with presentations) we could not fully talk about what we tried to accomplish!

We were really excited about sharing this with the community and would urge you all to look into our code and screenshots!

Thank you!!

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