Being ardent book readers, it pains to see old books accumulating dust in a corner. Worse yet is when your parents decide to "recycle" it. This idea revolves around promoting/building a strong community of readers by making accessibility to books easier - lending and borrowing. Looking for a book? All you need to do is search if the books on your wishlist are available on our website and simply connect with the lender. Its all point-to-point with no intermediary partners which means making new friends as well! Looking to donate/lend books? Simply register with us and we'll connect you with people.

The whole application is available as a web-app. Connect with other readers and exchange books with each other.


  • Sign-up for new users
  • Login for existing users
  • Search for books to borrow
  • One-click add to lend books to library
  • Book description
  • Twitter chatter about the book/author
  • Connect with owner of book with one-click to schedule pickup/drop

Tech Stack

  • Design : Adobe XD
  • Database : MongoDB Atlas
  • Back-End : Python Flask
  • APIs : Twitter API, Google Books API
  • Front-End : HTML, CSS, JQuery

Built With

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