We really love video games and are hoping to create video games in the future and this helps us figure out what is out there and what social media is saying about current games

How it works

Type in the title of a game, Giant-Bomb api will return a list of current and upcoming games. From there, click on a video game title and get a page with greater detail plus sentiment analysis on twitter tweets, in additional to actual twitter tweets

Challenges I ran into

Giant-bomb api not very well supported and documentation was good, but not great

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A beautiful front end, UI experience. Integration of basic information for video games as well as pulling social media tweets about games to give a better feel of what the general public is saying about the game through sentiment analysis

What I learned

jsonp callbacks and passing additional information through to nested ajax calls. Sentiment analysis and twitter tweet data acquisition.

What's next for HackCU

Giving Infamous Blue Kittens a Blue Ribbon...meow

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