Pub BRawwwwwwl!

  • Pub BRawl is a probabilistic pub crawl route finder for London, built in R Shiny making use of Google Maps API
  • We help you to have a safe night by incorporating crime data into the route choice & planning your trip from tube station to tube station. Tooltips tell you how many antisocial crimes were committed in a 100m radius from each pub on your route
  • You can also filter for high quality pubs based on Google reviews (or low quality depending on your mood)
  • Finally, the app tells you where the nearest A&E is to your night out, just in case


We are interested in the FirstCo transport challenge, Accenture hack for good and .tech domain challenge (we registered the domain but didn't get to deploy our app in time)

Are you bored by your local pubs? Do you think your neighbouring pubs are too boring? You already tried all the "popular pubcrawl lists" out there and they left you disappointed and empty hearted?

Wander no longer, my friend! The solution arrived.

To be more precise, the solution to get you to your favourite solution just got updated to the 21st century! Here we present PubBrawl, the probabilistic pubcrawl engine integrating latest Google Reviews and Police Street-level Crime Rates in order to deliver you a personalised route which will definitely end you up in a bar fight. And all of this by connecting your start and end point to two tube stations of your choice. Surely, We won't leave you alone out there in this dark world.

Our concept is that the novelty of choosing a pub crawl that might get you in a fight, or choosing a pub crawl based on the bars with the lowest reviews, will be fun and interesting enough to get people thinking about safety on their nights out. Information such as nearest A&E is a useful thing to have in the back of your mind when organising a big crawl as it is always good to be prepared. We were also motivated to find a good way to find new bars for us and our friends!

How we built it

We built the app in R using Shiny for the front-end user interface. Data from the Police API, Google Maps/Places API and NHS Hospital Data were integrated to generate risk profiles for each pub, with a probabilistic selection guided by the user input. The shortest past was calculated and plotted on an dynamic Google Map.

Challenges we ran in to.

Shiny was a challenge to implement. We were unable to get Shiny Server and Amazon AWS EC2 working together, so this is still a work in progress.

Accomplishments that we're proud of & what we learnt

A working app, we will all be using for 4/5 Hackathon newbies, all coded in R!


This is a tongue-in-cheek product and the creators accept no responsibility for your misadventures!

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