Our Inspiration was the problem we had coming into the Hackathon, we were unable to make a team prior to the Hackathon. Our brainstorming let to an Web and Android application that makes it simpler to make team based on skill set.

What it does

A user would register on our application. They would be able to see the Hackathons happening around the globe. These user can then join a Hackathon and search for team members or to join a team.

How I built it

We used the Microsoft Azure for the server. Our Database, API, WebApp and Android App were connected to it. We tried to maximize the use of the available feature in an efficient manner.

Android: We built our Android App using Android Studio. The app used the API for the registration process of the application. Content of the Android App would be displayed by our API to allow scalability in Platforms.

Web: Our Website was built with HTML, CSS, BootStrap, jQuery on Sublime Text. The information on the Website would also work the API.

API: Our API was built using various tools. MS Azure Web App to host the API and Database. We used to create a JAX-RS version of the JSON file and HTML file for the API Client. The Java JAX-RS files were modified and updated on the Netbeans IDE. These API queries were tested using a Software called Postman.

Challenges I ran into

None of us knew how to use Microsoft Azure, Smooch, and making an API. We spent quality time learning the basics of these APIs before we could get started on implementing it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to navigate my way around MS Azure and can now do a lot on it, learnt how the Smooch API works and best of all, successfully made our API from scratch.

What I learned

I have learnt how to make an API, how awesome MS Azure is and how genius Smooch is.

What's next for HackCentral

As a team we will try to pursue this project as we all enjoyed working on it. We hope to be able to work on this project to the extent that we can get users to make teams on our APP and build a large user base.

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