We've disliked googling news for COVID-19 news so we made a bot for it!

What it does

Currently, it simply displays covid cases and more (only in Canada for now) It displays: Overall Cases New Cases Deaths Recoveries and a lot more!

How I built it

We built the bot through node.js and discord.js! We built a landing site for the bot and some small information for the bot currently using HTML and css.

Challenges I ran into

As a group, we are beginner coders so it was a challenge the entire way through!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that we managed to get the bot working in the first place and have tangible code and have it functioning! It's a great addition to our main servers and joining the family of bots we have! We're proud that we added one command and we hope to work on it further!

What I learned

I've learned how to further problem solve and figure out a workaround to things even when it doesn't work out my way. Coding was a very fun experience and I hope to do it again!

What's next for HackCamp 2020 Covid19 Bot

Our group still plans to work on this bot and plan to give it new features! We hope to add Tracking and Scheduled Messages as well as adding local breakouts in specified areas! We hope to find better API's and work through everything.

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