Climate change is a very important issue which we wanted to tackle. The easiest way for us to do so was by thinking of day to day improvements. That way, we got to think about the trash issue.

Our idea is very simple. Our phone application displays a map and locates all of the trash and trash cans around you. Firstly, you could use the application if you have some trash and are looking for a trash can. However, the main goal of the application is to intice people to throw their own trash, as well as others'. By using the app, you get an instant feed of the location of the trash (found by detecting trash in images and videos retrieved from bus cameras and CCTV footage) around you and get rewarded for helping the planet!

Indeed, we have paired up with some great companies who offer vouchers to our users. For each item of trash you pick up, you have the option to scan it and get rewarded up to £5!

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