In tackling climate change, it can't be denied that the global food wastage crisis is one of the leading concerns. Here at Hack Cambridge we are bringing to you a solution to play a part in averting the crisis by eradicating food waste starting at HOME!

The annual cost in avoidable food wastage amounts to £10.6 billion per year and of that amount 59% of it is attributed to spoilage - meaning food that are kept too long in the refrigerator/shelves for longer than expected. What's even more shocking is that these issues can be totally avoided using a few simple steps.

What it does

Our WebApp makes use of computer vision and machine learning tools to create an inventory of groceries you have at home and suggest creative yet simple meals with the food you have SO NOTHING GOES TO WASTE!

In 3 simple steps:

  1. Snap a photo of your fridge/pantry
  2. Upload it on our platform
  3. Our software identifies the ingredients you have and suggest the best recipes and you can start cooking right away!

How I built it

Using Microsoft Azure's Computer Vision API, we detect the ingredients available at home. We then run a web query that returns a recipe that best matches the available ingredients to help users make a delicious meal without wasting their food.

Challenges I ran into

We initially envisioned the product to be able to make use of sensor vision to be able to quantify the number of each item in the refrigerator but given the time constraint and the limits of computer vision capabilities, the software would for the moment, only be able to identify items. In the long-term, with the feature to quantify items, we envision the product to evolve into an Enterprise Resource Management software and potentially forming partnerships with leading ERP solutions such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very delighted that the product that we're building was able to capture a target market with the potential of commercial viability. We aim to continue working on the software after the hackathon and hopefully one day, successfully transition it into a startup. Meanwhile, we will continue refining our business model and adding advanced capabilities to provide a unqiue value proposition for our potential clients.

We have a number of potential use cases lined up and we're excited to discuss it with you so come drop by and watch our demo!

What I learned

What's next for hackcambridge2020

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