Problems with current parking systems The theme of HackBVP Hackathon is "Smart Habitat". Our idea is focused on saving the time and resources by avoiding queues at Parking areas. The main issues with current parking system are the unavailability of parking space, long queues at parking areas and conflict among people for parking slots. Sometimes, people have to cancel their plans and meetings due to unavailability of parking space at various restaurants, malls, hospitals, colleges, etc.

Problems solved by our website Our website provides a handful way to organize parking slots of various areas and provides a preview of the parking where they want to visit.So, in case of unavailability of parking, people can look for other means of transport or they can also look for other parking locations nearby from our website. We have integrated Google Maps to show the direction to the desired location.

Scalability and Dependencies Our project is highly scalable as we have provided RESTApi so other developers and companies can also extract data from our website.The billing system can also be integrated easily into our website in coming time.However, there are dependencies of our website, it depends on Google Maps API, Google Materialize.

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