Hackathons can be daunting. And not having a good teammate in a hack straight up sucks. So we came up with this idea of app wherein you can find potential teammates for hackathons.

What it does

It presents you with a TableView of projects participating in different hacks and you can connect with the team leader if you're interested in teaming up.

How we built it

Coded the app in Swift on Xcode. Damn straight!

Challenges we ran into

Since it is my first iOS project and I was the only one coding in the team. Super stressful and unproductive.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made a new friend.

What we learned

You can make a friend at a virtual hack.

What's next for HackBuddyFinder

  • Filter students by skills: iOS, Android, ML, Web, Cloud, etc.
  • Filter students by commitment level
  • Section for brainstorming ideas: Upvote, Downvote, threads, deep-linking
  • Set up a timeline for team and divide tasks
  • Set mid-point reminders/flags
  • Student profiles: Name, Picture, University, Pronouns, Skills, Commitment level, GitHub profile, Past Hackathon experience
  • Bookmark student profile or a thread to visit later
  • Chat or Call a student
  • Speed networking

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