Go on an Adventure with Go Ventr!

Have you ever wanted to just go and do something fun? Maybe something you haven't tried before. The problem is, you have no idea what to do. Go Ventr solves this problem.

Go Ventr is a mobile website. With a click of a button, it will generate for you a unique "Adventure". This adventure is a planned sequence of activities throughout the day, that you or a group of friends can head to immediately. Using Google data to select random destinations each time, we guarantee every adventure to be unique!

Have 300 dollars, three friends and three days to fill with fun and glory? Set those options in the settings panel (options not available in demo) and generate your own personal adventure. Don't like the order of activities for the day? You can swap them around how you please. Don't like the adventure as a whole? Generate a new one!

By adding your phone number, Go Ventr will send you 15 minute text reminders for each upcoming event. Don't want to leave yet? Tell Go Ventr you want to stay for 15 minutes longer, and it will update accordingly. Need an Uber to the next destination? Go Ventr has your back, all through text messages.

Go Ventr stores your adventures using a MySQL database running on an Amazon AWS server, and uses Twilio to provide two-way text communication with the server.

In future updates, we will add personalized settings for adventure generation, along with a Button interface to book Uber rides to upcoming events, book hotels in-between events, and more! Stay tuned.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out! Go Ventr Demo

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