How it works

Hit the record, and then hit play on the soundcloud api. Afterwards, you will hear the music start to play and you can spin your own lyrics to create your own sick mixtape. When you're done and ready to premier your new magical musical masterpiece, you can stop it and replay it and revel in your own talent and Kanye-ness. You can also upload the mixtape to soundcloud to show your mom.

Challenges I ran into

Coding in different languages that we were not familiar with and issues with CSS/Github.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Ability to persevere and live up to our expectations despite our lack of experience and trials - it was our first hackathon. We also worked very well together as a cohesive team.

What I learned

Coding in Javascript, manipulating the Soundcloud api. We also learned how to make a webpage look more appealing to the eye.

What's next for HackBeatsCA

integration of more user choice for the beats and also including different ways to synthesize your mixtape.

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