We loved the new interface of the Pebble Time smart watch and the introduction of its new feature, the Timeline. It's a new way to interact with our watches using the timely events we organize our days around. We wanted to take this powerful new platform and apply it to hackathons. We are empowering hackathon attendees to focus as much as they can on having fun and working on their projects while still providing them with the timely information they need to stay in the loop. Now using our app, attendees can subscribe to the topics of events they're interested in (i.e. meal times, tech talks, activities) at hackathons and have them appear in their Timeline, as well as get notifications when new events are added or changed.

How it works

We wrote a Pebble Watchapp using their C library to pull a user's Timeline info to our backend API service, written in Node.js and using MongoDB. With their Timeline info, we can then allow user's to select which topics of events they want to receive notifications and pins for in their timeline, a couple examples being when meals are to be served, when tech talks are happening and when the next coding challenge was going to be. Using the PebbleKit JS library on top of our C app, we make requests to Pebble's Timeline API as well as our own via HTTP requests.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of the fact that we're one of the first in a group of developers to create something on Pebble's new 3.0 SDK, taking advantage of their new Timeline feature for Pebble Time watches. In addition, we love the fact that we can give back to the hackathon community in a way that can truly help attendees have a better time at events. We know we're going to look forward to utilizing Hackawatch at our upcoming DesertHacks hackathon at Arizona State University.

What we learned

First and foremost, we learned to develop using C, something that none of us had much experience going in to with this project. We also learned what it takes to build on the Pebble platform, and got to use some cool beta features of the 3.0 SDK.

What's next for Hackawatch

We plan to continue to refine the feature set, complete all event types and ready the app for other hackathons to fork the project and use it at their event.

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