Our project from hackatum: building a webservice serving open data from various data sources via an API.

When we tried to work with the data provided by the different open data services, we encountered that the data is in a non-useful way. That's why we thought about building a service that serves the data to the user via an API.

The intermediate state is to have all the different data sources connected to the service and store the interesting data in an own database, so that someone can query it easily. The final goal is to have this querying provided by an API.

If the project survives the days of the hackatum, there would be a long term goal to integrate more data sources to the service, so that anyone interested in open data could benefit from the service and analyse the data efficiently.

We also used the data we got through our service to analyse and compare bikesharing and carsharing data in the different parts of the city. Our visualization of the data we derived is done in d3.

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