We were inspired by our strong lack of sleep due to the fact that we live outside of Montreal and that it takes a while to get here in Polytechnique. We saw in that an opportunity to help people struggling with similar issues.

What it does

The app collects a few information about the user's preferred transport and your daily habits before setting an alarm that suits their needs. For instance, the user will be asked to enter the following information: the time at which he or she starts working; the amount of time necessary for preparation in the morning; the places from where he or she departs, and the destinations in mind. The app gathers traffic conditions from the Google API prior to the alarm which allows it to be more precise and give the user more flexibility.

How we built it

Built for Android with c#, Xamarin... that's pretty much it!

Challenges we ran into

First of, the alarm itself was a real challenge. It required us to use an obsolete functionality considered as deprecated by the program to make it work. We had some difficulties with the emulators installed with the Android SDK. We lost a fair amount of time figuring out what was wrong with our versions of the emulator. We solved this issue by using our own phones as emulators. Towards of the event, we exceeded the quota by day of the Google API, which slowed us down with our testings.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had never been in contact with mobile app development, with web data requesting, nor with APIs. For us just to have the app working with the basic functionalities was a huge accomplishment. We're glad we had this opportunity to learn from this experience.

What we learned

Xamarin, google API, Android SDK, json/NewtonSoft.

What's next for Hackatown-2018

I'm dreaming of my bed, is it wrong? (maybe too much redbull)

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