Crowd based stm data and trends


Everyone around me has trouble with the public transit system, in particular the bus system. We feel like people would appreciate a crowd based site that the community contributes to in order to improve the public transit system by ourselves.

what it does

At the press of a button, you can use natural language to post and search the database for data and trends.

How we built it

React and bootstrap for the slick frontend. Nodejs and Nuance Mix.nlu backend.

Challenges we ran into

Frontend: Being able to interface with the frontend effectively to provide a sleek user experience. Testing multiple frameworks to find the one we need for our project. Exceded number of transactions for the nuance api due to interactive search which stalled the hack for a while.

What's next for STMieux

network security, published website, better data visualization in terms of graphs. It will also be easy to implement new features in the future thanks to the easy scalability of Nuance Mix. Other features may include weather inputs, seat availabilty trends, better location using Google maps, etc.

Another important feature that can be implemented with this data is using machine learning to predicut future bus arrival trends, for example if there tends to be a lot of posts for the 470 to be late in the morning and in bad weather, then it will be able to predict such things with numeric values.

Built With

html css javascript bootstrap react mongodb Nodejs nuance mix

by Michel Ma, Li Zhang, Edward Son, Silan He

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