We've always wondered why applications or solutions were robotic, every user is forced to follow the program's way of taking in the user's input. What if there was a program that is able to read what you always type to your friends and family naturally, wouldn't that be great? And so we thought of Filter, an Artificial Intelligence solution for travel, a bot that can read every user's natural input and process it seamlessly, providing important information in a simple and easy way.

What it does

Filter has it's AI that we call, Phillip. Phillip helps us to accomplish simple yet complex tasks like:

  • Booking a round trip ticket to a specific city from a date and till which date.
  • Obtaining Weather checks for any city the user wants to know about.
  • Performing paperless check ins with our Boarding Ticket intent.
  • Analyse a city's vast network of hotels in order to pinpoint the most affordable rooms available.
  • Performing simple baggage item queries to assure the user that the item is approved.

How I built it

Filter is built based on the Microsoft BotFramework and has an Artificial Intelligence attachment called LUIS, enabling filter to process natural language contexts by the user. We've implemented Sabre's Instaflight Search API, to provide useful data for the user.

Challenges I ran into

  • BotFramework: The error responses was a 500 server error generically, hindering our ability to debug properly.
  • LUIS: Alot of issues were met in conjunction with Pre-built entities and custom entities as our intents will randomly.
  • Us: Lots and lots of syntax errors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We've managed to properly make a bot function with proper natural language processing via LUIS, providing a more subtle approach towards communicating the user's queries.

What I learned

We've learnt that Artificial Intelligence can be deployed on almost every solution, to allow the user to speak naturally to every AI solution.

What's next for Filter

We're going to bring it to the generally public after modifications when everything has been thoroughly completed.

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