When we started BrickHack back in 2014, we saw a clear hurdle to launching our first hackathon: accepting registration.

Many events have historically accepted registration through things like Google Forms or Eventbrite. However, these solutions are rather generic, aren't specialized to hackathons, and provide limited tools for actually managing the hackathon.

What it does

We built an all-in-one system for hackathon logistics.

  • Hacker applications: Enable hackers to apply to your hackathon while providing all relevant information (contact info, school, demographics, etc)
  • MyMLH support: Streamline the application process when users log in with MyMLH, a common platform for applying to any MLH hackathon. Basic info is pre-filled based on a common application, so hackers don't have to re-type it every time.
  • Admissions & RSVPs: Facilitate accepting hackers to your hackathon & enable them to RSVP
  • Bus Lists: Coordinate bus sign-ups during the RSVP process while communicating important information to riders & captains
  • Email communication: Ensure hackers get consistent, timely information throughout their application process, while enabling your organizing team to communicate important information at any time.
  • Statistics & Visualization: Surface key analytics about your admissions, distribution of applicants, progress towards attendance, etc.

What's next for HackathonManager

Now that we've used this system for over 5 years with various hackathons, we're shipping it out for general use.

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