Hack BI theme inspired our passion for saving the Ocean.

What it does

Informs people and presents data we found into maps to help others understand how and why plastic pollution, specifically micro plastic, is destroying our Earth.

How I built it

We used MIT-App-Inventor and our data analysis skills to create an informative app.

Challenges I ran into

We ran through a couple different ideas and thoughts, 4, throughout the Hackathon, some too ambitious for our beginner skill, and some too broad.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our ability to perform data analysis and interpret it into a visual representation of the garbage patch coordinates we selected from our large data set in the North Pacific Gyre.

What I learned

We learned the skill of collaboration, how to work through different challenges as they present themselves, and how to navigate app inventor and its various functions. We also learned how to determine what we could realistically do at our current skill level.

What's next for Hackathonapp

In our app we created a map of a coordinates using data from micro plastic gathering in specific areas of the ocean. We only have one map right now, but we hope to expand our coordinate planes and data and create more maps to promote focused micro plastic cleanup.

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