House Guard

1st Place Winner at CalgaryHacks 2018, 24 Hour Hackathon

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Long Range (Cellular) Internet of Things (IoT)


Our homes are one of the most valuable financial assets we possess. They house countless precious memories and we invest a lot of effort to attain and maintain our homes. We even go the extra mile to make it personable and welcoming.

You own a cabin or a cottage that you wish you could visit multiple times during the year, rather than once a summer. You arrive at the start of your summer vacation hoping to escape from the busy city life. To your surprise and disappointment, you find yourself a flooded basement and a broken window. You wished you had known of these issues earlier, so that these issues could have been addressed before your vacation started.

House Guard is a home monitoring system equipped with several sensors used to detect and alert you of any problems using cellular data. House Guard can bring you peace of mind by displaying a health report of your home's temperature, air quality, humidity, and detected motion, in a mobile-friendly and real-time dashboard. This dashboard enables you to analyze the data of your home, which can assist you in making informed decisions about maintaining your home. Know when to fix your sewage backups or leaky pipes, before it's too late. In an event where a sensor is detecting abnormal activity, it will send an alert to you via text message. You can easily configure the threshold of each sensor to prompt when an alert needs to be sent. You can also provide emergency contacts for these alerts, enabling notifications to your plumber if your humidity is abnormally high, or the fire department if your house is detecting smoke or gas leaks. There is no longer a need for you to waste a large amount of time to physically verify the status of your beloved remote homes.

From this 24 hour hackathon, we had lots of fun and little sleep (we were up ~40 hours including presentations). This was an exhilarating way to create memorable experiences and challenge, not only our technical skills, but also our design, business, and soft skills.


Status History

Built With

Particle Electron + Sensor Kit, provided by TELUS for the hack

  • using TELUS SIM Card, Gas sensor, Soil humidity and temperature sensor, PIR motion sensor, and Waterproof temperature sensor

Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2)
CoreUI (Open Source React Admin Template)
Twillio API


Presentation Slides - Eric Ma, Micheal Friesen
Particle Electron - Eric Ma, Micheal Friesen
Poller for API - Kenneth Ryan Hancock
Back-End API - Kenneth Ryan Hancock
Front-End Dashboard - Jackie Luc, Kourosh Banaeianzadeh, Micheal Friesen

Special Thanks

Computer Science Undergraduate Society
University of Calgary
White Whale Analytics
General Electric
Our respectful competitors
Delivery man from foodora for delivering food on a bicycle through snow and -20 degree celsius weather

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