Purpose: To design and implement a database entry system for university clubs, for greater accessibility and organization convenience.

Benefits: Alumni records Saves time when looking over club members Consolidates student information Allows for organization of student information into useful categories

Plan Input data :create website allowing for the creation of a club and club roles Club and club rolse get setup as its own database in Azure Website will then allow input of student data by humans They can only add ppl to cubs in the database Send new student data into azure within that club database

Plan: getting data Pick what club info you want State what role you have in the club and your name and DOB If it matches in the system allow them to: See all club members, remove club members,search club members by- Roles,names,school years,gender, etc

Stored data Student info: Name DOB Year GPA Major Minor Club affiliation/club status? Age Gender Experience level:this can be club specific IE programming experience, rowing skill etc Novice, intermediate,advanced,superior Club position:

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