Hackathon Video Generator

By team ScriptinQuarantino for the Hacklarious Hackathon 2020

Here is a short demo video: https://youtu.be/cAcYZphx26g


Everytime Jaime and I join a hackathon, we need to calculate half a day or even a full day for making a short video about our hackathon project. It is lots of fun, but in general we always end up using a similar concept:

  • We present out team
  • We name our project & show the logo
  • We say what is the problem we are trying to solve
  • We list three points of how we solve it
  • We show a demo
  • We explain the solution architecture
  • And finally, we thank the hackathon organizers

And in the background we put a suitable, royalty free commercial song that makes everything sound credible.

With Hackathon Video Generator we want to save ourselves a bit of time that we have before the hackathon deadlines, so we can use it on optimizing our solutions instead.

Now we had less than 20 hours to figure out how to finish this hackathon project... if only we had a solution that could make the video for us so we would have enough time?

What it does

Hackathon Video Generator works in the following way: it takes an input configuration yaml file which contains all necessary details about the project & which language the video should be in. It looks for images based on keyword extraction, that it can use in the presentation. It generates an mp3 and slides that can directly be used for your video.

How I built it

The tool is built with Python and R. In Python it uses the gTTS package for text-to-speech functionality, darkslide for the generation of the slides straight from markdown, google translate to allow the video to be generated in different languages and the GIPHY API to look for random gifs for the slides.

Challenges I ran into

Had a bit of trouble figuring out how to get Python to play to mp3s at the same time, finally worked out by using a subprocess and a normal system call.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

... The logo, I think it is very nice :) Special thanks to Jaime!

What I learned

I learned about the gTTS package in Python and how easy it is to work with. It allows the usage of many different languages and sounds quite natural. Also, Iearned about darkslide, a Python package to generate slides. I will definitely consider using darkslide again in the future.

What's next for Hackathon Video Generator

Make it into a "One click solution". Also not use python and R, preferably only python. Also, I would like to use a different theme, some custom css and make the whole thing a little prettier.

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