Inspiration: Having interests in & out of school programs.

What it does: Searching a way to find and solve problems regarding health, and well-being.

How we built it: We used Repl, and Paint 3D, and to present it all we used Google Slides (in addition to Google Docs to brainstorm our ideas and write the script.

Challenges we ran into: A few challenges we faced, were that we were unable to make a game in unity, so we ended up making a website on repl.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We created a good looking, and easy to navigate website.

What we learned: We learned many different ways, to do the same thing.

What's next for Hackathon (Team 78): We will be sure to join upcoming hackathons, and most importantly, we will be making sure to have a good time, and learn something new.

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