posted an update

SUCCESS! The revised table number app worked at MHacks 6] without any scaling problems.

After the hard deadline at 10am, I pulled a submission export and created a local CSV file with all the project details. Then I pushed it up to my gh-pages branch and the app was live for hackers to find their expo & table numbers. I did a few additional deploys during the expo for late submissions.

At @Murby's suggestion, I wrote print styles so we could use the app to create personalized judging sheets for each sponsor (Srsly, try printing that). And in yet another awesome MLH + Devpost collaboration, @yaynickq made a pull request mid-judging to further optimize the print styles.

There are still some things to improve. Right now, if you edit data.csv with a text editor, it'll break the app. For some reason you have to use Excel and export to CSV.

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