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So yeah. we tried this at PennApps XII with some additional modifications (hardcoded URL) and extra columns for the new route system.

It worked super well for a while. Ricky and Sam from Twilio said it saved their lives during the expo, making it easy to filter the list and identify the exact tables they needed to visit.

But, once all 2000+ hackers & sponsors tried to pull data from the same Google Sheet and the whole thing fell apart. I was banking on the idea that a view-only Google Sheet would't suffer from the same problems that our earlier attempts at filterable sheets did. I was wrong and it was pretty embarrassing.

Today, I ditched sheetsee.js & Google Sheets for Papa Parse, Mustache, list.js, and simple CSV file. For users, it functions exactly the same, runs faster, and eliminates the weak link (Google). Of course, I still haven't stress tested it, but perhaps the good folks at MHacks will give me a second chance.

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