posted an update

  1. Added template tags to link each project name to it's Devpost page.
<td class="name"><a href="{{projectlink}}">{{projectname}}</a></td>
  1. Also added template tags for additional fields (currently named foo, bar, baz) in case you need more info. But, you'll need to create new classes & write your own CSS styles for them.
<!-- column headers -->
  <th class="foo">Foo</th>
  <th class="bar">Bar</th>
  <th class="baz">Baz</th>

<!-- data -->
  <td class="foo">{{foo}}</td>
  <td class="bar">{{bar}}</td>
  <td class="baz">{{baz}}</td>

The Google sheet template has been updated with new columns accordingly.

  1. There is a filter URL param which you will pre-populate the search box, but for some weird jQuery reason, I can't get it to trigger an update event / resort the list. Maybe somebody could help me with that?

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