We are both beginners and this was our first hackathon, so we had big ideas for it but not much expertise. We ended up discarding most of the ideas we had and going with something that made us happy. Both of us were homesick, so we decided to make a location-based social media site where people could post happy memories of the places they visited by posting comments and pictures.

What it does

Currently, the Java application has pictures of specific places and accepts comments and usernames then allows the user to post them. The website uses Google Maps with markers of specific locations that link to pages where people can post comments and pictures.

How we built it

The Java application was built with (surprise!) Java. The website was built with Google Maps API, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Priyanka: WHAT IS AN API??? Nakia: WHAT IS HTML & CSS??? Priyanka: WHYYY JAVASCRIPT??? Nakia: HOW DO YOU UPLOAD IMAGES IN JAVA? We are the noobiest of the noobs and to say we ran into a lot of problems would be an understatement. We are thankful for the mentors who never made us feel stupid and always helped us out with our ideas. We did not always understand what they were saying as they were saying it but later on, after a lot of research, we did end up understanding what they were saying.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I(Priyanka) learned what an API is and used it! Nakia created the kind of Java application she had never made before! Our product might be unfinished and unpolished and lack a lot of the features we wanted to incorporate, but we have a product and we are very proud of that. There was a time where we thought we couldn't even start on anything, so it is a huge thing to have made something at all.

What we learned

API's are the coolest! Perseverance is everything. Never give up, never surrender. Where is the soylent? And other things you might see on T-shirts at a hackathon! Seriously though, we both saw that we had a world of opportunities to learn and grow from. It made us want to seek out more Hackathons to participate at.

What's next for Hackathon submission

AR/VR! Machine Learning! Responsible technology! Technology for political and social change! We are excited to learn from our peers and create cool projects that can create change in our communities.

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