Our Team is made up of 4 Stony Brook students interested in hackathons. We have noticed the obvious lack of student-run hackathons on our campus. The history of student-run hackathons at Stony Brook has been something not as successful as most of us students would like it to be. In a pursuit to learn and understand more about how students/hacakthon enthusiasts can create long lasting hackathons, we have decided to visualize the history of hackathons in the past few years and relate it to geo-location, and to analyze.

What it does

  • Visualize Trends across Hackathons by MLH
  • Provide different features including reward money and number of hacker submissions
  • Expose the Data we scrapped via AWS

How I built it

We implemented web scraping to gather data about hackathons and used esri among other ways to display, visualize, and analyze the data we collected about hackathons.

Challenges I ran into

The Esri API was difficult to get used to. There is not a lot of data out there about hackathon that is easily accessible - we relied on web scraping in order to get the data we needed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We scraped a lot of data off and devpost.

What I learned

Web Scraping Data Visualization Amazon AWS

What's next for Hackathon Scrapes

  • Measure success of a hackathon (a start at creating a possible quantifier)
  • If we are able to get more data about hackathons, i.e. how many hackers attended
  • Different esri feature layers for more analysis
  • Integrate more non-MLH hackathons into the mix
  • Develop a better API to help share hackathon data for other users to use

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