Quarantine Quiz App

by Alexandra & Ari Stassinopoulos

Welcome to the Quarantine Quiz App! Our app is a fun place to learn accurate information about COVID-19, infectious diseases and recent medical history. To play, pick a difficulty level, press start and let the game begin.

Why is the Quarantine Quiz App important?

Despite the dangers COVID-19 poses to everyone, information is being used not to create solidarity, but as a weapon. Quarantine is hard. It's lonely. And it's difficult to isolate yourself if half of the internet is calling the pandemic a hoax. There's nothing more infuriating than having your glasses fog up from your mask or your hands sweat under your gloves only to walk past a large group of people who are (willfully) not social distancing.

You can't force other people to social distance. And, as much as you would like to, you cannot pull that stranger's mask over their nose where it belongs. What you can do is stay informed. Our quiz bank contains questions that range in difficulty from easy to expert and even the most knowledgeable player will walk away more informed than before.

Our Question Difficulty

Easy — Is COVID-19 confusing? Not sure if your information is accurate? These easy questions are for you. This level will help you learn basic information and then some about the pandemic.

Hard — Think you know all there is to know about COVID-19? This is your level. Let's find out how well you've been keeping up with the news these past few months.

Expert — Graduated college with Bachelors of Science? Did your Ph. D. in Chemistry? These questions are for you...rumor has it that some have even stumped doctors!

Information Sources

In an effort to make our questions and answers as accurate as possible, we have fact-checked the information we use in our app. These measures include confirming our information through reliable Public Health or news institutions such as the CDC, New York Times, or New England Journal of Medicine. Additionally, our questions have been read and approved by an infectious disease doctor with 20+ years of experience and a chemist currently working in the forefront of developing COVID testing.

HOWEVER the pandemic is rapidly progressing and scientists are making new discoveries every day. So, if you find information that is inaccurate or outdated, please let us know and we will update our question bank as soon as possible.

Very important disclaimer: we are not doctors; do NOT treat our app as medical advice! If this app is your only source of medical information, you deserve whatever happens to you.

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