Navigating the medical arena can be intimidating to minorities and marginalized groups. Some doctors aren't as aware of the subtleties of treating minority populations and can tend to offer generic solutions when a more attentive approach is needed. Coupled with the fact, that patients aren't aware about their responsiblity to speak up, this can make for a very difficult transaction sometimes.

ALife is a first step towards creating a directory of doctor and hospital information which surfaces the right data necessary for minority populuations to make the right decisions when seeking medical care.

This prototype surfaces minority focussed metadata in medical reviews (reviews of doctors and hospitals). Important markers like ethnicity and sexuality of the reviewers are highlighted so that similar patients can see which doctors and institutions offer more personalized care. A 'Yelp for doctors' so to speak.

In the future, we could integrate this further with other API's that provide diagnosis related data as well, all in all, improving the chance of a patient making a better decision when seeking medical care.

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