The world has changed.

What it does

vEvents aggregates worldwide online events and provides a platform for both user generated and small and large enterprises to publish their live and recorded online events and information content in many categories such as Entertainment, Education, Sports, Technology, Medicine and more.

How we built it

Very Fast!

Challenges we ran into

Our small 'virtual' Team of talented people have been working from New York City, Connecticut and Maine in the U.S., and Hyderabad India, Berlin, Germany and Helsinki Finland with great coordinated effort over just 72 hours to create this vEvents Proof of Concept/MVP.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the people who have developed vEvents. They have worked tirelessly, despite dealing with their current personal challenges at this very difficult time, dedicating themselves to this effort to help others remain positively engaged and hopeful in their lives.

What we learned

Creativity, Innovation, Passion, Humanity and Hard Work will not be killed by Covid19.

What's next for hackathon project

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