To create a program that could give people information on the environmental problems of the world, as well as provide potential solutions that the user can think about

What it does

It is a program that receives an input (in this case a current environmental issue which in the program is represented by a value from 1-4, as currently only 4 different issues are coded into the program), and based off of this input will provide a list of solutions with a follow-up link to the website should the user want to read more about the environmental issue and its hazards

How we built it

The program was written in Java and relatively simplistic in terms of its code. It effectively uses 2 sets of text files - one containing solutions and the other containing an link for more information on the problem, both of which are stored in the code inside of class variables,the program reads these files and is programmed to print them. Each environmental problem has its own solutions and information text document, which the program will print when the corresponding input is typed into the console by the user.

Challenges we ran into

Initially the main hurdle was finding a way for the program to print specific solutions and information for each specific issue that was typed in to the console, eventually I decided that it would be a good idea to create a solutions text document and an information document for each

Accomplishments that we're proud of

While it may not be particularly complex of a program I am happy that I managed to get it to function properly and that is can provide a specific set of information for a specific input

What we learned

There is plenty of information available that can be learned about the environment and the current issues surrounding it

What's next for Hackathon Project - EnviroBot

May come into use in the future should I need it, may also be tweaked/upgraded in due course

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