We wanted to allow users to get the most out of their dollar, by highlighting where their donation would have the greatest impact. We felt a visualization would be a strong and intuitive way to excite people about donating. It gives an immediate interaction, and allows users to get to the buy screen quickly.

How it works

We query the user for how much they want to donate, and where their passions lie (math, music, etc.). A API call is then made to DonorsChoose, a score is calculated based on factors about the proposal and then lights up the states where schools need YOUR help now. From there, you can go into the states and see each schools score, and more info about the school.

Challenges I ran into

We unfortunately did not get to finish the part of the program that actually shows the schools. We planned on putting pins in the map that users could clickthrough and buy, but we ran out of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our map looks great, and the API calls went over extremely smoothly.

What I learned

NodeJS, API manipulation, Google Maps extensions, and more!

What's next for hackathon

Who knows! Hopefully being able to finish the app!

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