What it does

It would allow the employees to clock in and out of the sytstem and are also asked about your stress level, what you would be doing for the day and overall on what they are feeling. it also makes arranging meeting alot easyier and makes it alot easier to talk to your boss or someone about any problems you may be facing

How we built it

We were supposed to make an app, but since none of us knew how to make an one, we wanted to stick to what we know. So we made a skeleton of a webpage on how the app should work.

What's next for the employees notebook

We hope that in the future we could make it as an app, the way we actually wanted to. Of course, it would be only right that the three of us would finish the app.

Challenges we ran into

That we can't open the html we coded in chrome. programs kept on messing up lost code in the matrix

Built With

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